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Dulce Candy: The Sweet Life Book Tour

Dulce Candy 4

Guess where I was on Sunday? Yes, that is right at Dulce Candy’s Book Tour stop in San Francisco. And yes she is just a gorgeous in person as on her pictures and videos. 

If you, like my have been a fan of Youtube Guru’s for a while then you are familiar with Dulce Candy. She recently released a book called “The Sweet Life” which is a memoir. Dulce had a book tour for the release of the book and stopped by San Francisco on Sunday, August 9. Obviously I had to go because I have been subscribed to her channel since 2010 and she is one of my favorite youtubers. Her book speaks about her early years and coming into the U.S. from Mexico. As well as her years in the military, as well as her start as a youtube beauty guru. I think that Dulce is such an inspiration to all young girls because of who she was and who she has become. She has learned to overcome all her insecurities and become a successful at doing what she loves the most.

During the event there was a Q&A where a member of her management team asked her questions as well as the audience. After the Q&A people made a line to take pictures with her and get their books signed by her. She was so sweet and nice to everyone there. In order to get the book signed they had to see a receipt that you had purchased the book from the book store hosting the event. (Not sure if this was in all events or just ours.) Shea Moisture is partnered up with Dulce for her event and is giving out a bag with a little gift inside for everyone who purchased the book and got it signed. What came in our bag was a 10-in 1 Renewal System Shampoo. This shampoo is sold on and it costs $10.99.

The 10-in 1 Renewal System Shampoo is an antioxidant rich shampoo that helps to perfect and renew vibrancy to dull, lackluster hair. It is Sulfate-Free, contains anti-aging benefits, color protection, hydration, nourishment, rejuvenation, anti-stress, manageability and softness without build up. It also contains Marula Oil and Biotin which combined in a moisture-rich formulation supports hair’s elasticity as well as the super fruit complex helps nourish the scalp.  I do use my own shampoo specifically for blonde hair but I did give it a try and I loved the smell of the shampoo and my hair after my shower. I also loved the fact that it left it soft and my hair surprisingly stayed put all night while I was at the Jake Miller concert with my baby sister. Usually my hair no matter curled, natural, curly with gel, mouse, hairspray or any other hair product on or straight ends up getting all puffy by the end of the day. For a while it has stayed for the most part in place with its a 10 and again oil in my hair but this time it was AMAZING. I did shampoo with it and used my Redkin Blonde Idol mixed in with our Dove conditioner. After shower I towel dried my hair and after put its a 10 with an anti frizz oil I got in my ipsy bag with mouse and a beach hair hairspray I got on my ipsy bag as well a while ago. 🙂 Okay this has nothing to do with the book any more but I think this shampoo really is great! haha but maybe I should try it more and then let you know 🙂

Between me and my baby sister we were able to take some pictures with her cellphone. I forgot to charge our camera’s battery ): So sorry if pictures aren’t best quality. 🙂 Also for some reason every time I take a picture with someone I admire (celeb (Youtube, actor or artist) I look all weird. I don’t know if its because I get so nervous. Lol So excuse how I look 🙂

Dulce Candy1Dulce Candy2Dulce Candy3

Dulce Candy 5Dulce Candy 6Dulce Candy 7

Dulce Candy 8Dulce Candy 9Dulce Candy 10

Dulce Candy 11Dulce Candy 13Dulce Candy 12Dulce Candy 14Dulce Candy 15Dulce Candy 16Dulce Candy 17Dulce Candy 18

Dulce Candy 19Dulce Candy 20

Have you purchased or started reading Dulce Candy’ book or attended one of the Book Signings? If you have let me know how your event was on the comments below!! 🙂 

P.S Once again sorry I have been MIA like I said work as been crazy busy and my mom got sick which made work even more crazy busy. When I get home all I want to do is curl up and my room near the fresh air and watch NCIS Lol. I promise I will start posting ofter again. Up next will probably be my Sephora Haul:)


This or That Tag :)

This or that

Hello my loves, Sorry I have been gone, its been crazy at work! But I am back! Thought this This or That Tag would be fun to post:) I have alway wanted to do it Lol I got the questions from Nikki Tutorials Blog post. I love her!!! 

→ Makeup

Blush or Bronzer: Blush….Blush has a variety of colors that you can actually use as a bronzer as well 😉 Lol
Lipgloss or Lipstick: Lipsticks Hands Down. I’ve said it before I am addicted to lipsticks 🙂 Specially MAC Lipsticks, I am in love with those.
Eyeliner or Mascara: Mascara…..Gives my lashes life!
Foundation or Concealer: Foundation, most def. just because you can get a shade lighter/darker and use it to highlight and contour 😉 Lol
Neutral or Color Eyeshadow: Neutral….Even though I love my bright color shadows I still find myself always reaching for neutral eye looks.
Pressed or Loose eye shadows: Pressed…I find them easier for me to use.
Brushes or Sponges: Ahhh hard one! I love my brushes and I can’t imagine doing my eyes with anything else but my MAC 217 and flat shader brushes…..BUT my beauty blender is life yooo!!!! Lol.

→ Nails

O.P.I or China Glaze: OPI 🙂
Long or Short: Short, mostly.
Acrylic or Natural: Natural 🙂
Brights or Darks: Brights, I know kinda opposite than my eyes but I love getting my nails, pink, aqua, teal, etc. 🙂
Flower or No Flower: No Flower!

→ Body

Perfume or Body Splash: Perfume 🙂 Mariah Carey Perfumes, Vera Wang Princess, Love Express, and Kim Kardashian are my must haves! Every Christmas I get them 🙂
Lotion or Body Butter: Lotion…Victoria Secret ones! 🙂
Body wash or Soap: Soap….for some reason I like body washes but I would rather use soap.
LUSH or Other Bath Company: Never tried LUSH, I’ve heard they are life but never really tried them. We usually buy Bed and Body works products…

→ Fashion

drake yooo best friends 
Jeans or Sweat pants: Sweat pants….If they could be fancy and acceptable in all places I would wear them all the time! Can I start a petition to make them Black and White attire? Lol Jk
Long sleeve or Short: Long Sleeve if possible 🙂
Dresses or Skirts: Skirts but just because its so hard for me to find dresses that fit my boobs or make me look good. Lol
Stripes or Plaid: Stripes for the most time.
Flip flops or Sandals: Sandals….I feel like you can dress them up or down and still look cute:)
Scarves or Hats: Scarves 🙂 Remind me of winter.
Studs or Dangly Earrings: Studs all the way.
Necklaces or Bracelets: Necklaces all the way.
Heels or Flats: HEELS!!! (Okay yes I’m sorta screaming) but I love heels!! They are just CUTE!
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots: Cowboy Boots 😉
Jacket or Hoodie: Hoodies I love love love my hoodies. I wear them way too much.
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe: Forever 21…it could be Charlotte Russe is to far from mi casa.
Abercombie or Hollister: Hollister, I can never find something that fits me at Abercombie.
Saks 5th or Nordstrom: Nordstrom, it could also be that I have never been to a Saks 5th.

→ Hair

Long Hair
Curly or Straight: Curly…but not my curly! Lol
Bun or Ponytail: Bun! My hair is in a bun 24/7, unless special occasions.
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips: Bobby Pins.
Hair spray or Gel: Ahhh hard choice but Hair Spray.
Long or Short: Long hair don’t care! Lol
Light or Dark: Light Hair….I actually have it blonde at the moment lol
Side sweep bangs or Full bangs: Side Sweep Bangs
Up or Down: I love how hair looks down when its all did. Not that my hair is down often tho.

→ Random

Rain or Shine: Rain! Makes me want to be home and pretend its winter 🙂
Summer or Winter: Winter!! Fireplace, Netflix, Blankets, Chocolate Abuelita and pan dulce 🙂 Lol
Fall or Spring: Spring! But that’s because its my birthday!!
Chocolate or Vanilla: IceCream? Vanilla most def.
East coast or West coast: West Coast! After all I am a Cali Girl at Heart! 😉

Tag! You are it! What would you prefer? Let me know in the comments section (:

Back To School Shopping :)

Back to School

Yes its that time of the year again when Summer is coming to an end and school is coming to a start!

Doesn’t matter if you are starting middle school, high school or College you are probably doing a few back to school shopping. I remember my most favorite part of going back to school was shopping for new school clothes:) I come and bare good news, if you do not subscribe to Forever 21’s newsletter or have not seen their ad, they are offering a sale. Every Friday for the Month of August they will offer 15% off to Students and Teachers. It is in store only and you must present a valid ID at the beginning of your transaction. Some restrictions due apply and it will only be valid on regular priced items. With that being said, I decided I would select some items I would like to purchased if I was going back to school and could take advantage of this discount. Why? Because if you know me I will only purchase something from Forever 21 if 1.) its under $20.00 (and that is already hitting the too high price for me) or 2.) I have a coupon that will bring down the price and lastly 3.) Its on their sale racks and most likely has a buy 1 get 1 free offer. But I do love their clothes so I when I find a good deal I take it. Here is what I would purchase or something similar. P.S. If you shop their sale items, they don’t apply to the discount but I heard they are buy one get one free currently both online and in stores.

  • I love loose shirts why? Because on school days I am usually running late and with little to no sleep. School projects and homework will drain you. Loose Shirts make me feel put together and comfy all at the same time. Here are a couple I felt would work perfect. For the days that you did get enough sleep and are feeling amazing, I added the black shirt that is just cute 🙂 

Seahorseminnieribbed Stripe Longline Top

Seahorse Top $8.90    Mickey Mouse Top $15.90  Ribbed Stripe Longline Top $19.90

Boxy Dolman TopBuffalo Plaid Fannel ShirtContrast-Trimmed Top

Boxy Dolman Top $19.90  Buffalo Plaid Flannel $19.90 Contrast-Trimmed Top $10.90

Embroidered Lace Knit Top

Embroidered Lace Knit Top $17.80

  • Forever21 carries many dresses depending on your style and like. The one I picked was 1.) Cheap 2.) Longer than hand length, which was part of the dress code when I was in HS. 3.) It is casually and comfy which is what you want for school. 

Floral Print Skater Dress

Floral Print Skater Dress $14.90

  • I love knit sweaters and Forever21 carries the cutest inexpensive ones. These are the ones I found at the moment that I like. Knit sweaters can work as cute shirts and keep you warm during the fall and winter. 

Classic Cable Knit SweaterSparkling Marled Knit Sweater

Classic Cable Knit Sweater $24.80   Sparkling Marled Knit Sweater $15.80

  • Any one that knows me, knows I am obsessed with Cardigans and Kimonos. Like if I could wear them 24/7 I would (Well I do actually wear them 5/7 days of the week lol). I just love how cute they look and feel very comfy. These are the ones I am eyeing and hoping to buy soon. 

Open-Front Knit CardiganTribal Print Woven CardiganDiamond Print Chiffon Cardigan

Open-Front Knit Cardigan $10.90  Tribal Print Woven Cardigan $12.90  Diamond Print Chiffon Cardigan $15.90

  • Sweatshirts with any type of disney design or quotes are my favorite. I really don’t care how old I am Disney and me will always be best friends. I always find super cute ones here that I love. I love that Shakespeare sweater shirt because I mean its Shakespeare ya’ll. 

To Be Shakespeare SweatshirtFrench Graphic HoodieLion King Graphic Sweatshirt

To Be Shakespeare $19.90 French Graphic $22.90 Lion King Graphic $22.90

  • Bottoms: I picked a romper just because lol. I also picked a pair of sweatpants and joggers for the days you want to go more laid back and comfy. I had a lot of PJ days in High School because I hated wearing jeans made me feel uncomfortable. These bottoms are cute and comfy. I picked printed pants for the more dress up days. Their classic jeans are cheap and comfy so you can always pick a pair or two up. Their skirts are cute, inexpensive and the skater skirt actually comes in a variety of colors. Leggins are a must!! They are comfy and not expensive at all. I used to buy mine at target for $8 now I have converted to Forever 21 leggings for life! Lol Shorts are a must wear for sunny days in high school 🙂 

Tribal Print RomperClassic Drawstring SweatpantsMarled Knit Joggers

Tribal Print Romper $15.90 Classic Drawstring Sweatpants $12.90 Marled Knit Joggers $17.90

Paisley Print Flared PantsClassic Skinny PantsClassic Skater Skirt

Paisley Print Flared Pants $17.90  Classic Skinny Pants $14.90 Classic Skater Skirt $5.90

Pleated ASymmetrical SkirtClassic LeggingsBelted Linen-Blend Shorts

Pleated Asymmetrical Skirt $15.90 Classic Leggings $3.90 Belted Linen-Blend Shorts $19.90

Southwestern Print Shorts

Southwestern Print Shorts $17.90

  • Shoes: In all honesty I only own one pair of shoes from Forever21 and they are heels. But I saw these cute flats and I have this weird rule. I will only purchase flats if they are $20.00 or less. Only exception is if they are TOMS or the most amazing flats ever. So these were perfect, I might go in of friday to get a pair myself. 

Faux Suede Ballet Flats

Faux Suede Ballet Flats $10.90

These are some items on my wish list for Forever21 taking advantage of their discount. I can totally see myself wearing these to school. Take advantage of this sale and go do some back to school shopping. 🙂 I know I will. Let me know on the comments below if you will be taking advantage of this discount they are giving. Don’t forget the school ID 🙂 Until Next time loves.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Review

NakedFamilyQuad (1 of 1)   

Are you as obsessed as I am with the Naked Palettes? When I heard Urban Decay was coming out with a New Naked Palette for Smoky looks I knew I needed to have it. Because I mean its not the 1, 2 or 3 one Duh! Lol 

Naked 1

This new Naked Palette is designed to help you achieve the perfect neutral smoky eye according to Urban Decay. So is this palette worth the hype? I think so Lol. This palette consists of nine new shades and three old shades already on previous palettes. It’s cost is $54.00, available Sephora and Ulta stores as well as their websites and

Packaging: Unlike the first three palettes, this one comes in a plastic case. It is light grey with darker grey design/lines that give it that smoky look, very pretty. The name is on top with silver raised letters. It has a magnetic closure. Inside it has a pretty decent size mirror as well as a brush.

Colors: Colors range from beige, grays, golds and browns. As well as shimmer and mattes.

  • High: Champagne Shimmer w/Micro Glitter
  • Dirtysweet: Medium Bronze
  • Radar: Metallic Taupe w/Iridescent Micro Glitter (Repeated)
  • Armor: Metallic Silver Taupe w/Tonal Sparkle (Repeated)
  • Slanted: Light Metallic Grey
  • Dagger: Medium Charcoal w/Micro Shimmer
  • Black Market: Jet Black Satin (Repeated)
  • Smolder: Deep Plum Taupe
  • Password: Cool Taupe Matte
  • Whiskey: Rich Brown Matte
  • Combust: Soft Pink Taupe
  • Thirteen: Light Beige Satin

Naked 4

The shadows come with their same “Pigment Infusion System.” However, I still recommend putting primer as to it will help them pop more. I felt like it still need that. They are able to blend pretty smooth and do not have a lot of fall out.

Brush: The brush with this palette is a dual end brush. One side is a blending brush and on the other a pencil brush. Brush is soft but not an every day brush. I think I like my 217 blending brush from MAC more.

Naked 6 Naked 5

Packet that comes Inside: Gives you tips on how to create a smoky eye as well as four different step by step tutorials. They are pretty easy to fallow and good looks so you won’t be lost if you don’t know how to use these colors to create the perfect cat eye look 😉

  • Iconic UD Smoky Eye
  • Smoky Reality Star
  • Smoky Cat
  • Everyday Smoky

Overall, the palette is AMAZING as all Urban Decay Naked Palettes. Now being honest, is it worth $54? Yes and No. Yes if you are like me and you are obsessed with these Naked Palettes and No because I feel like it is very similar to the 2. So if you have all three already and you must have this one to complete your Naked Family BUY IT! If you don’t have the second one already go into sephora or ultra and swatch both and see which one you like best. Purchase the one you like best and feel its a must have. If you love both then hey what the heck just buy both 😉

Naked 2

Naked 3

Which is your favorite Naked Palette? Let me know in the comments below. See you tomorrow my loves. If you found this post fun let me know and share it with your friends. Until tomorrow. 

Top 5 Favorite MAC Lipsticks….Happy Late National Lipstick Day!


Happy National Lipstick Day Loves! 

P.S Fun Fact in 1650, Parliament attempted to ban the wearing of lipstick, luckily it did not pass. Can you imagine living in a world without lipstick? I can’t!! 

So this post might come to you a little late but in my defense, its still the 29;) Lol. I thought that for today’s post I would talk about my favorite 5 lipsticks from MAC. I believe I have stated before MAC lipsticks are my favorite! If I could only pick one brand of lipsticks to purchase it would probably be MAC. Reason being they are only $16.00 as oppose to other high end lipsticks. They also apply really smooth, even matte ones, they have a pretty long lasting time in my experience, and they have a wide range colors and finishes. The finishes from their standard Lipsticks are Matte, Retro Matte, Satin, Amplified, Amplified Creme, Cremesheen, Cremesheen Pearl, Lustre, Frost, and Glaze. Bonus added they smell delicious!!! Every time I walk into MAC I go straight to their lipstick displays.

My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks


  • Angel: It’s a frost finish. Its a beautiful Soft pink. I actually like to wear it with their Stripdown lipliner and top it with Turkish Delight. I know frost finishes are already a little shimmery but I want that extra gloss. Plus I can’t remember where but I once read that was one of Kim Kardashian’s lip combo that Mario (her makeup artist) did on her. Its my favorite everyday or nude/simple lip combo.
  • Taupe: It’s a matte finish. Its a muted reddish-taupe brown. Remember when everyone was in love with Whirl lipliner because it was Kylie’s lip color which magically made her lips bigger? Well I was too, still am. However, when I first went in to find the famous lipliner it was out of stock. One of the girls that works there (who is now my favorite), suggested that purchased taupe. She stated it was very similar and that I would love it and she was so right. This has been my favorite ever since. I actually recently purchased the Whirl lipstick and taupe is still my favorite. I love that even though its matte it does not leave my lips dry at all.
  • Relentlessly Red: It’s a retro matte finish. It is a bright pinkish coral matte lipstick. Which to mer looks a little like a pinkish/reddish color. This would be my go to lipstick if I wanted a bright lip combo but still keep it nice and simple. Its a Retro Matte Finish which is suppose to be even more matte (Dry) than norma, but it does not feel at all like that as well.
  • Rebel: It’s a satin finish. Satin finishes are matte but with sheen. Its a midtonal cream plum color. Its my favorite purple lipstick of all time. I know most are obsessed with Heroine but my favorite is Rebel. Bold Lips=Rebel Lipstick my friends!! 🙂
  • Diva: It’s a matte finish. Its an intense reddish-burgandy color. I love love this lipstick. I think its perfect if you want vampy lips. This is my favorite Fall lipstick but you can also wear it any other season if you feel like it because I mean its gorgeous!! Perfect Vampy lips=Diva Lipstick.


From Left to Right: Angel, Taupe, Relentlessly Red, Rebel, Diva

I promise you colors are much more better in person. I am still getting the hang of swatching shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows on my hands. If you don’t own these already try them next time you are at the MAC Counter 🙂  I hope you found this post fun to read mis corazones.

What are your favorite MAC Lipsticks? Let me know on the comments below. 


PS Photo Credits to my amazing sisters who hooked it up and had a photo shoot with my lipsticks. Lol I love you girls if your reading this. You girls are the real MVP’s for helping your big sister out! Las Amo! 

Hair Tips 101…..Healthy hair while changing colors




Okay so maybe my choice of pictures isn’t the best…but these are all I could find on my computer. (Long story short my dad deleted a lot of my pictures on our old home computer with all  my precious memories *Tears*) 

Summer of 2005 before starting freshman year in high school my mom took me to the hair salon to get my “before school starts hair cut” and gave me permission to dye my hair for the first time. Her only request I didn’t do anything crazy with my hair. I decided I would get red highlights since they would compliment my natural hair color, which I think is a dark awkward brown, its now been 10 years since my hair has been its natural color. 🙂 From there I have had my hair brown with blonde high lights, half red/half black (Who did this?? Lol), Red, Dark Red, Wendy Red, Half Blond/Half Brown, Bottom pink hair with highlights on top? (This was like for two weeks so kind of foggy), Dark brown almost black, brownish, ombre. Currently fully blonde with brown roots (Sorta like Khloe Kardashian’s Hair) but I have yet to take a picture. Lol I love changing the color of my hair. Every time I do my hair either change color or retouch I feel like I gain confidence in myself. However, with all the dye, heat and hair products (Such as hairspray, gel and mouse) that I apply, my hair can get a little damaged specially if I do not take care of it. Surprisingly with everything I have done to my hair, everyone even hair dresser complement how healthy and soft it feels.

Here are my tips on how to keep a healthy looking hair. 🙂 

redpaul mitchelkirkland

  • Shampoo and Conditioner: Every hair is different, define your type of hair and that will help you determine which shampoo and conditioner you need. Find out also if you are sensitive to any type of shampoos and conditioners. My shampoo and conditioner depends a lot on two things 1. My hair color 2. Am I too lazy to go buy a different one then the ones my family uses? (No really I am not kidding lol). When I dye my hair red I use, red shampoo and conditioner. The one I like to use is from target called John Freida Radiant Red Shampoo and Conditioner, Costs $4.99 each. When I dye my hair blonde I like to use Purple Shampoo and conditioner. The one I use and I love how it leaves my feeling all soft, still blonde not yellow and smelling amazing is the Paul Mitchell KerActive Blonde Forever Shampoo $42.00 and Conditioner $44.00. They include Keratin which acts as a building block for you hair to promote hair growth and strength and it is also sulfate free. When I have it just a neutral hair color like dark brown or I just do not want to go buy shampoo I use Kirkland Signature Professional Salon Formula Moisturizer Shampoo and Conditioner, Costs around $12.00. Its actually made with pure organic extracts, and safe for color treated hair. It is also paraben and sulfate free which can cause damage to your hair, so no those lathery bubbles are not good for your hair lol. I do only wash my hair every other day which is what is recommended.

its a tenargan

  • After Shower Care: After I shower I like to wrap my hair in a towel, I actually started doing this while on a trip. My hair was getting so complicated to untangle because I forgot to take conditioner and tried a million things, this is what I found worked best and helped my hair feel soft and actually get into place. After I am done changing I unwrap it and apply a small amount of It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin, costs $39.96  mixed in with One ‘N Only Argan Oil Spray Treatment, Costs $11.99 on my hand and then spread it on the ends of my hair and a little little on the top. I leave it on for a little and then brush it out. Argan Oil is every now and then since I alway forget to buy one and use my sisters 🙂


  • Getting it styled: I used to always apply crazy amounts of hairspray, gel and mouse on my hair. It used to get crazy frizzy all the time. Right now during the week I let it just be unless I have a special event. So for work or school I do a side braid or a bun, usually a messy bun. For special events I do apply Hairspray and Gel. I love using Nexxus Hair products which range from $11-$15 for that or Tresemme which range from $5-$10. When It comes to straightening or curling I only do it with my hair fully dry and make sure I apply heat protecting products. I haven’t found one I completely love but I do know that Its a 10 is also a heat protection so I use that sometimes with Argan Oil.

hair salonloreal

  • Getting my hair colored: For Blonde hair I ALWAYS go to a professional because I do not want to bleach my hair and end up getting it damaged. If you do not know how to do it on your own I recommend going to a professional. Research your area and find out the best hairdresser for coloring hair around. I have been going to the same hairdresser for 10 years the only person after her that I love how she does and takes care of my hair is her friend both amazing hairdressers. For red hair I also go to my hairdresser just because its so hard for my hair to get the red I want. For brown I just use box color Loreal Brand, costs around $9.99. 


  • Hair Mask/Deep Conditioning: I actually have only tried one deep conditioner that came in my ipsy bag that I loved. It is called Don’t despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask from Briogeo, Costs $26.00 at sephora. There are many different ones, at the moment I am trying to find one that will help with Blonde hair as it tends to dry out if you don’t take care of it. I will keep you updated if I find one.


  • Redken Blonde Idol Custom Tone Violet Conditioner: It will help control the brassiness of your hair color. It will let your hair color look vibrant until your next salon visit. You can increase the color deposit or reduce it by setting the dial to the week you want. Costs $32.00. 

I think this is pretty much all that I do to my hair. I try my best to keep it as what I like to call hydrated as I can so it can be soft, long and with nice color. I think this has also helped for when my hair color starts to wash off it turns to a nice color instead of an orange or ugly color. 🙂

Let me know what you do to keep your hair looking health on the comments below:) Do you have any deep conditioners you recommend? 

Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Bar Palette Review


Okay I know I am a little late to the Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Bar Palette but I thought I would do a review the one I got in case you like me have not yet heard about it. 

Buxom has a total of 40 different shades of eyeshadows that you can easily put in and out of their customizable palette. You can buy the eyeshadows individually for $12.00 a shadow and a case for $13.00 or you can purchase 6 shadows with a case for only $40.00. The value for the whole package is $85 so if you ask me that is a pretty good deal. What I like about them is that you get to pick and chose your own shadows. This means that all shadows in your palette are of your liking and you won’t be stuck with shadows in a palette that you won’t ever use. They have a wide range of different colors and from neutrals to brights. There is a color for everyone’s liking. I love shimmery shadows for some reason so all the shadows I picked are shimmer. These shadows are so creamy and they come pigmented so they show up really nice on your lid. 🙂

Buxom Palette

Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Bar Palette, Includes empty palette and 6 shadows of your choice=$40.00+Tax. Exclusive from Sephora I believe. 

This is basically how it looks. It comes with a big mirror in my perspective and a brush. Brush is okay quality, not the best. The tray on the inside pulls out from the side where you can easily put in and out the shadows you want.

Buxom Swatch

From Left to Right: Champagne Buzz, LA-LA-Lavish, Patent Leather, Wild Nights, Party Girl, Schmooze.

Champagne Buzz: Is this gorgeous shimmery gold/pearl color. It is perfect if you are more of a neutral type of person but you still want that pop of shine on your eyes.

LA-LA-Lavish: Is an iridescent Lavender color, in other words a shimmery lavender. My favorite from all of them. It is just this perfect lavender that can make you look really fancy.

Patent Leather: Is a Sparkling Blackberry. I loved the fact that is was this dark type of shimmery shadow. 🙂

Wild Nights: Is this shimmery sugar plum. I beautifully sparkling purple. I think it would be perfect for a special occasion look if you want a pop of color.

Party Girl: Is this bright Pink/Fuchsia Luster color. Perfect for like a Girls Night Out look.

Schmooze: Is this gorgeous Shimmery Turquoise. I have been on the hunt for a turquoise color that will have me like I must have it. Right now this one is that one. I just love it!

They have 34 more gorgeous colors that you can pick from. If you aren’t into shimmery colors, they also have matte colors to pick from.

Well this is it for my review on the Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Bar Palette. Let me know what you think of these shadows and which ones you have on the comments! 🙂

Makeup Starter Kit….High End Products Edition

crying for youMakeup is so fun to have from drug store to high end. You know that big smile you would get as a kid walking into a candy store or watching the ice-cream man get near? That is the smile that I get walking into a makeup store.

Hey Loves, Sorry I was MIA for a few days. Its been crazy at work but here I am again, I hope you like this new post! I love makeup and I hate to say this but I am actually addicted to high end makeup. It is horrible cause my wallet is always empty (Can I get three jobs to support these addictions please?) Lol. If you want to start a high end makeup kit or you are looking for certain items in particular I hope this post helps you. I have done so much research and tried all different products, these are the ones I think are must haves.

My must have Face Products:


Primer: I have tried 1,000 face primers (Okay maybe not a thousand but I have tried all my fair share of face primers) I have oily skin and I am very prone to acne. So everything I put on my face I have to be very careful about. I have stated before primers is a must have in your kit. They will help you prevent fine lines, and pores to show. Currently my favorite High End primer is the Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment. I honestly wore it and did not see or feel my get oily at all. What I like about it also is that its suppose to help prevent and heal acne blemishes, which is honestly one of my biggest problems. Cover FX Cost $38 for Full Size (little secret between you and me, Full size is 1 oz and costs $38. Mini size which is by the cash registers at sephora is .5 oz and cost $16. This means two minis equals a full size and you only pay $32!! Saves you $6, Just saying;)!!).

cover-fx_n0_open DW MACSFDWcover-fx_n0_open

Foundation: There is one foundation that I used to live by and that is because it cover all my imperfections perfectly and that is MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Unfortunately my fave breaks out bad with it. I recommend this only if your skin isn’t sensitive. Costs $27.00. Right now I am using two different Foundations a liquid and a cream one depending on my mood. For liquid I use Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup what I love about this one is that it does not make my face turn orange after time, it feels lightweight and it gives me full coverage which is what I love. Costs $38.00. Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation recently became my favorite, it gives me full coverage as well. What is amazing about this brand is that they are divided by your undertone, pinks, neutrals and golden. Costs is $42.00


Setting Powder: To set my concealer I use MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Powder in Medium Dark. I first bought it when a girl from MAC recommended it. I was using MAC’s Studio Fix but I was breaking out even more. Obviously combining both Powder and liquid foundation was to heavy for my face. I like the MSFN Powder and would totally recommend it because its not too expensive. Costs $32.00

orgasmSweet Sentimentmac-blush-springsheen

global glowLagunachoco

Blush/Bronzer: Honestly I am in love with Blushes and Bronzers. I have three favorite Blushes 1 from NARS and 2 from MAC, so I can’t just recommend one. From NARS Orgasm is my favorite Blush, I know so obvious right? but I kinda have a thing for pinky looking blushes. Costs $30.00. My two favorite MAC ones are Springsheen and a LE one I got during the holiday called Sweet Sentiment. Sweet Sentiment is this beautiful rosy pink blush. I know its LE but MAC Carries other beautiful rosy pinky blushes. Springsheen is a pinky coral colored blush. I find it very similar to NARS Orgasm but its less shiny in my perspective. Costs $22.00. I think my all time favorite bronzer is MAC’s Global Glow, I think I just love it because it kinda sorta shines 🙂 Costs $32.00. I also love NARS Laguna bronzer, Costs $39.00 and Too Faced Soleil Matte Chocolate Bronzer, Costs $30.00 which if you ask me they are pretty similar (I think I might like similar things lol)


Concealer: Ahhh Concealers, my best friends!! MAC’s Prolonger Concealer will always be my favorite concealer of all time no matter what. The coverage is amazing and it helps conceal all my troubled areas. Only horrible thing is the packaging, that thing falls and you might be left with a lot of mess. Costs $20.00. If I could only have one concealer in my life it would be this one.

angelwhirlplease me

Lips! For lips you must have two things, Chapstick to keep them nice and smooth and a lipstick to give them Color. My favorite Lipsticks are from MAC I just love the fact that they don’t feel dry on my lips. My favorites are Angel, Whirl and Please Me. Costs $16.00.

Now Lets talk Eyes. For Eyes you will need Eyeshadow Primer, Eyeshadows, Mascara and Eyeliner. 

Eye Shadow Primer: 
No questions asked Urban decay Eye Shadow Primers are the best. I use the UD Original Primer. I love the fact that my eyeshadow stays longer and does not crease at all for hours. Matter of fact when I forget to wash of my makeup (Which is horrible and you should never do) I wake up with my eyeshadow still in place like nothing. No other primer has ever done this. Costs $20.00. 
Eyeshadows: I think that if you are going to invest in High End eyeshadows, you should get a palette. My know everyone loves the naked palettes, I do too but my favorite is actually the Too Face Chocolate Bar Palette. If I could only buy one it would be this one. Costs $49.00. I think I like the fact that it has browns, pinks and plums which you can use to create a day look or a night look.  
Mascara: The mascara I live by is Too Face Better than Sex Mascara. Although in the last couple of months I like to use it together with Tartes Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara. I think it just makes my eyelashes look thicker and darker and longer together. Better than Sex Mascara Costs $23.00, Lights, Camera, Lashes Costs $21.00
Eyeliner: Eyeliner helps your eyes appear larger and more noticeable.I actually use Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner because it really does stay all day. Also the applicator makes it so easy to apply and it looks amazing. Costs $22.00
Every kit must have the following tools, Eye lash curler, Face Brush, Blush Brush and Eyeshadow Brush.
Foundation Brush: Foundation brushes will help you apply your foundation more smoothly and give it a more flawless finish. Plus think about this your hands are not the cleanest even when washed, so the less you touch your face with it the better. Tarte’s Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush gives me the best finish when applying my foundation. Costs $34.00. 
Blush Brush: Blush Brush will help you apply translucent powder, Blush, Bronzer, etc. This will be your best friend sometimes. MAC’s 129 Powder/Blush Brush is my favorite, unfortunately for me mine came defective and the bristles fall off. But it works amazing. Costs $35.00
Eyeshadow Brushes: You will want a Flat Shader brush to pack on the eyeshadow and a fluffy brush to Blend it all out. MAC’s 217 Blending brush, Costs $24 and MAC 238 Eye Shader Brush, Costs $25.00. If I could only have two eye brushes these would be it.
Eyelash Curler: These help your eyelashes curl and look longer. MAC’s Full Lash Curler is the one we use in my family. I kid you not every time someone looses theirs we go a little crazy. Lol Costs $21.00
Tweezers: Drugstore! Is there any high end tweezers? Any tweezers will do to help get that unwanted hair plucked from your face or eyebrows. I have the Trim Slant/Point Tip Tweezers sold at target, Cost $2.89 and they are pretty good.

These are my high end must haves in a makeup kit for yourself. I live by these products and truly recommend them. What are your must haves? Let me know in the comments below!!

Pinky Rose Haul & Experience!

PinkyRose Purchase

Pinky Rose is makeup heaven! Its like a combination between Ulta and Sephora but they sell those brands that are so hard to find at regular stores. 

The first time I visited Pinky Rose was end of 2014. My friend who loves makeup as much as I do had previously gone and invited me to go again. After seeing their IG I couldn’t resist! They mostly sold Morphe, L.A. Girl, a few ABH products, a few Too Faced products, LolaV Makeup Cases, and other amazing items. This time around I was so excited to see them carry even more brands. They have added City Color, Gerard Cosmetics, Sigma, Ben Nye and their own line of lipsticks between other brands. Pinky Rose Makeup & Studio is owned by 3 amazing and super sweet sisters! They actually were the ones who helped me and my friend on our first visit. It is a small local shop in Sacramento, which means it is only 30 mins away from me when I am in the valley. This second time around I noticed they have hired two employees who were just as nice and helpful as the sisters! If you are in or near the sacramento area Pinky Rose is the place to stop for a quick makeup fix!

Purchased Products on Last Visit: 

   ColorSwitchVera Mona

Vera Mona Color Swatch Solo: If you haven’t yet heard, Vera Mona carries these amazing color switch products. They have the solo which is the one I got to try it out (So far I am in love!). They have the Duo which in the middle of the black sponge has a circle with a white little sponge that if you wet with water liquid you desire it will help to wet your brush quicker after cleaning it to apply your eyeshadow with more pigmentation. And they also have a color switch that you can wrap around your arm for faster clean. It is so easy to use all you have to do is glide the eyeshadow brush against the sponge and bam, color is removed. Cost $16.99


Sigma Girl Color Pop Collections: I have always wanted Sigma Brushes but I have never actually purchased any online. When I saw their Sigma Brushes by their Cashier I HAD to buy some. I saw this cute little trio which just happens to be my favorite color and I was sold on the spot. I was ready to leave everything in my basket for these (okay maybe I am being too dramatic Lol). This Trio comes with an E25 Blending Brush, E55 Eye Shading Brush, F40 Large Angle Contouring Brush and this cute little Tin where you can store them in. I think its going to be so useful to stick in my purse when I am in a hurry and I don’t want my brushes to mess up! Brushes are super Soft and amazing, and the trio has three of the most essential brushes every girl needs! Cost $29.99


Morphe Brushes Empty Palette: Last year when the Makeup Geek Foiled eyeshadows came out I went and bought all 10. I lagged the process of buying a Z-Palette causing one of my shadows to break because I carried them in a little baggy. I decided it was time to give in to the Z-Palettes. I was in a budget because there were so many stuff I wanted to buy in this store as well as I had just gone to Sephora the day before I was just going to purchase a Z-Palette that was a little smaller than this one. One of the girls working suggested this Morphe Palette and honestly its just as amazing. It fits 35 Makeup geek Size Shadows. Only con I would say is the top isn’t see through, But if you don’t mind that it is pretty think and I think it will resist a lot!! Cost $17.99 (I believe!) (Makeup Geek Eyeshadows where purchased separately last year on MUG Website)

Gerard JaclynHill

Jaclyn Hill’s Babies (Gerard Cosmetics): I am obsessed with lipsticks, lip glosses, and Jaclyn Hill. These three items where actually the reason of my second visit in the first place, so obviously I had to purchase them. All three lip products where created by Jaclyn Hill. In this Bundle you get 1995 which is neutral nude inspired by the 90s grunge revival look. It is Matte but honestly it does not feel dry on your lips, its creamy and amazing! Butter Cream is this really cute pink lipgloss it is my favorite color of all three! Lastly is Rose Hill which is rose color gloss (Your probably like Obviously the name says it haha). I love the gold packaging Gerard Cosmetics has, it makes it feel more fancy and elegant. If you haven’t yet purchased something from this brand do it now!! Cost $42.00

City Color

City Color Correct & Perfect Palette: I have not yet tried it but I hope its good. It comes with a small little brush that I honestly doubt I will be using. It looks like its a great product and will work really well but I can’t really say until I have tried it. Price was just too good to pass up. I will let you know if its good. Costs $2.00 

These are the I purchased from Pinky Rose on this visit. I wanted to bring so many more things but I walked away on time which in this store is like mission impossible! I can honestly say I love this store and I if I lived any closer I would probably go at least 1 a month. The staff is really nice and sweet. The store is a little small because of all the people that love it. I heard they might move to a larger space however, this makes my heart happy because it means they are growing! And they are local! I love supporting Small Local business, which I hope grow into big successful local businesses! I can’t wait to go visit them again, I already have my shopping list of what I want to buy next!

Which product from the above have you purchased or tried before? Have you visited Pinky Rose or heard of them? 🙂

Pinky Rose Contact Info:

Address: 924 24th Street Sacramento, CA 95816

Follow them on IG: pinky rose_4u