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Guess where I was on Sunday? Yes, that is right at Dulce Candy’s Book Tour stop in San Francisco. And yes she is just a gorgeous in person as on her pictures and videos. 

If you, like my have been a fan of Youtube Guru’s for a while then you are familiar with Dulce Candy. She recently released a book called “The Sweet Life” which is a memoir. Dulce had a book tour for the release of the book and stopped by San Francisco on Sunday, August 9. Obviously I had to go because I have been subscribed to her channel since 2010 and she is one of my favorite youtubers. Her book speaks about her early years and coming into the U.S. from Mexico. As well as her years in the military, as well as her start as a youtube beauty guru. I think that Dulce is such an inspiration to all young girls because of who she was and who she has become. She has learned to overcome all her insecurities and become a successful at doing what she loves the most.

During the event there was a Q&A where a member of her management team asked her questions as well as the audience. After the Q&A people made a line to take pictures with her and get their books signed by her. She was so sweet and nice to everyone there. In order to get the book signed they had to see a receipt that you had purchased the book from the book store hosting the event. (Not sure if this was in all events or just ours.) Shea Moisture is partnered up with Dulce for her event and is giving out a bag with a little gift inside for everyone who purchased the book and got it signed. What came in our bag was a 10-in 1 Renewal System Shampoo. This shampoo is sold on sheamoisture.com and it costs $10.99.

The 10-in 1 Renewal System Shampoo is an antioxidant rich shampoo that helps to perfect and renew vibrancy to dull, lackluster hair. It is Sulfate-Free, contains anti-aging benefits, color protection, hydration, nourishment, rejuvenation, anti-stress, manageability and softness without build up. It also contains Marula Oil and Biotin which combined in a moisture-rich formulation supports hair’s elasticity as well as the super fruit complex helps nourish the scalp.  I do use my own shampoo specifically for blonde hair but I did give it a try and I loved the smell of the shampoo and my hair after my shower. I also loved the fact that it left it soft and my hair surprisingly stayed put all night while I was at the Jake Miller concert with my baby sister. Usually my hair no matter curled, natural, curly with gel, mouse, hairspray or any other hair product on or straight ends up getting all puffy by the end of the day. For a while it has stayed for the most part in place with its a 10 and again oil in my hair but this time it was AMAZING. I did shampoo with it and used my Redkin Blonde Idol mixed in with our Dove conditioner. After shower I towel dried my hair and after put its a 10 with an anti frizz oil I got in my ipsy bag with mouse and a beach hair hairspray I got on my ipsy bag as well a while ago. 🙂 Okay this has nothing to do with the book any more but I think this shampoo really is great! haha but maybe I should try it more and then let you know 🙂

Between me and my baby sister we were able to take some pictures with her cellphone. I forgot to charge our camera’s battery ): So sorry if pictures aren’t best quality. 🙂 Also for some reason every time I take a picture with someone I admire (celeb (Youtube, actor or artist) I look all weird. I don’t know if its because I get so nervous. Lol So excuse how I look 🙂

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Have you purchased or started reading Dulce Candy’ book or attended one of the Book Signings? If you have let me know how your event was on the comments below!! 🙂 

P.S Once again sorry I have been MIA like I said work as been crazy busy and my mom got sick which made work even more crazy busy. When I get home all I want to do is curl up and my room near the fresh air and watch NCIS Lol. I promise I will start posting ofter again. Up next will probably be my Sephora Haul:)